manual with special parameters like FD, S4C

  • Hi!!!

    Someone here has the manual with special parameters like FD, S4C.....with the meanings?

    I need to known how to enable the logical functions like (WHILE, IFTHEN, TEST...) someone knows?

  • Hi

    Few things I need to tell you

    Read the rules of the forum regarding Yaskawa
    You should not be asking for FD parameters

    As far as the SxC parameters, some of them are available to you in the Manual. Did you get any CD when the got the robot ? they are there.

    As far as the commands, I'm not sure if this is the answer but you could check in the menus, You will find a menu that shows a lot of options, one of the is Language Be sure that is on Extended

    Retired but still helping

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  • Hi,

    as Fabian said, you have to look first to the teaching conditions, it should be on 'extended' to have access to all instructions.

    If structured langage is not available on your controler you have to contact Yaskawa in your country because this is a FD parameter...

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