What do you think about collaborative robots ?

  • Hello !

    Just want to start discussion about your point of view with collaborative robots.

    1- Do you plan to use them ?

    2- Your pros and cons about them.

    3- Any suggestions for the future (other options) ?

    If it starts well the first time, you have not checked all !

  • We are currently playing with a UR5 (Universal Robots). Collaboratively I would say it was Ok. I would still prefer to put a cage around it even though it will stop when it hits you, and it won't hurt too bad.

    There isn't much information on them. Just a few forums actually have dedicated areas to Universal Robots and Polyscope (the programming software).

    I've had a few problems with it because of syntax errors and overloading the processor. It only comes with maybe 10 inputs and 10 outputs.

    Other than that, it does its job. We are working on having it tend an injection molding machine. Wish us luck.

  • Dear Friends,
    Collaborative Robot is really a good concept but most suits to service robot.
    For industrial environment decision for use of fencing will depend on the risk assessment of tool attached.
    If you attach sharp tool then it will hurt no matters even if robot is collaborative.

    For your views please


    Just Do It.........

  • Collaborative robots is a part of the future, the question is how you go about it....

    it's a bit of a buzz word... some slap a million sensors and scanners in the cell, some slow it down to a snails pace, some have a more realistic approach.
    I guess the definition of "collaborative" is rather loose, some make it more of a marketing gimmick than others.
    In the end it's what works for you.... if it does the job and you're happy with the product/support, that's awesome...

    My scientific comment is that if it really was that simple, don't you think that more vendors would offer a "collaborative" robot?
    Some companies are willing to take a bigger risk as they don't have as much to loose, that's all...

  • Hello everybody

    I am currently busy testing different cobots for a university.
    Currently, my tests show that security is very uncertain because it depends on the tool and the location of the shock and then that many applications do not require a cobot and that a robot can do the job (faster and cheaper)

  • Robots are starting to collaborate with human workers in a factory, offering greater efficiency and reliability, it could be reprogrammed and capable of learning multiple tasks.

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