fieldbus technology manual for kuka krc2 robot

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  • this was discussed 100 times in the forum. look it up...

    you need to start by making proper fieldbus (terminators at the end of the bus, each node with unique address, all running same speed etc.)
    you need to know the node address of fronius I/O.
    you need to know how many bytes are mapped to it (usually something like 12 bytes in, 12 bytes out).
    you need to know where in robot I/O you have sufficiently large block of unused I/O.

    suppose you use DeviceNet and MFC is used as master, baud rate is fixed at 500kbps, and Fronius address is 17
    suppose you do use 12byte in and 12 byte out (check Fronius documentation)
    suppose you have tons of free I/O starting at $in[161] and $out[161]

    next thing is to complete scan list, so your DEVNET.INI will look like this:


    then in the iosys.ini enable correct driver by removing semicolon in front of it. so under [DRIVERS] you will have


    and a bit lower, under [DEVNET] you do the mapping:

    ;-------- Fronius Welder --------
    INB20=17,0,x12 ;$IN[161-256]
    OUTB20=17,0,x12 ;$OUT[161-256]

    then you need to reboot or reconfigure drivers and everything should be fine.
    now htat you have fieldbus working, you can focus on ArcTech configuration and robot programming

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

  • Hi Panic Mode,

    Great guide. No BS. :respect: Got the comms up and running.

    My R&D project uses a MIG welding process, but not in the ArcTech sense i.e. the only functionality I am interested in is arc-on, arc-stable, arc-off, robot ready, crash sensor. I have a Kuka Kr45/2 KRC2 control, with a Fronius CMT TPS4000, communication over deviceNet.

    My question relates to how to proceed from the successful DevNet connection to actually talking to the welder.

    Would I be right if I copied the A20.dat and $CONFIG.dat setup for an ArcTech setup? I currently have a practically empty $CONFIG.dat, so I assume this is not going to work. I did simulate $OUT[15] = TRUE, since I understood that this was the robot-ready signal, however my Fronius still didn't make it out of the error 038 "STOP" mode, so I don't think it worked. I used exactly the same I/O config you have above, so should I have used 160 + 15, i.e. $OUT[175] = TRUE instead... so many questions!

    Please be gentle, I am a NooB but I'm not stupid.

    Cheers and thank the gods for this forum

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