Collision Detect on 710I

  • I am working with a 710I robot that is used for pallatizing. We are lifting cases that weigh about 15lbs. When the robot goes to place the last box on the pallet I am getting a robot collision alarm about every third pallet. The robot is not hitting anything(about 4in from anything)and I have been unable to find any cause. Does anyone have any thoughts? I am also showing an alarm that says MOTN-170 Load is close to capacity. Could this be the culprit?

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  • Check your payload settings. MOTN-170 means that your payload setting is to close to the max. If this is the actual value, maybe your robot is working in overload conditions. Meaning that your gripper + pallet is to heavy for this robot. Also check collision guard settings and disturbance menu to track the problem.

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