Create Virtual Robot in Roboguide from image backup of real robot.

  • Hi

    There is a cell in a plant i would like to study. I have the image backup of the real controller and I want to create a virtual cell using this image backup.
    How can I do this?
    I have ROBOGUIDE V8, the real robot is a R-1000iA with controller is R-30iA.

    In virtual robot edit wizard, in robot creating method, I tried the option Create a Robot from file backup, but when i select my image file the following messafe appears:
    Performing auto backup one or more times on the actual controller is needed to create virtual robot from image backup.

    I would appreciate your help.


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  • Hello
    that's right, you need Backup "All Of Above" and if you have folder with this backup you have to choose "BACKDATE.DT". in window roboguide.


  • Hi

    I had forgotten to thank you guys. It works well.

    Best Regards

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