Micrologix 1400 Ethernet to Fanuc R30iB Ethernet Adapter

  • I have seen several posts regarding using the Micrologix 1400 and MSG to read and write Digital I/O on the R30iB.

    I have tried to do this task as well but have not had any sucess.

    On Fanuc I have the DI 1-16 configured for 1 word and set to rack 89 slot 1 start 1
    On the Micrologix MSG I am attempting to write the status of B3:51 to the Robot Digital Input 1 ( will be used for remote Start of Program )
    I set the MSG as 2 bytes
    Local Write Assy to RIX10:0, Instance 97 / 151and have the Multi-Hop going to the correct I/P address.

    I do not have any errors on the message rung but do not see the Digital Input toggle on the Robot Pendant.

    Any guidance for what may be missing

  • uhmmm... in the I/O - EthernetIP configuration menu, have you switched the ENABLE postition to TRUE?

    Have you configured the controller properly? Is the robot a master (scanner), or a slave (adapter)?

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  • You described the DI mapping in the robot, but said nothing about the Ethernet/IP configuration.
    Is it set as Adapter and enabled?
    Does the connection size setting in the robot match the one in the PLC message?
    Did you reboot the robot after assigning the IP address?

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