Questions on VAR.DAT and VARNAME.DAT. Better if answer is from Europe or Asia

  • Hi

    In America (N and S) VARNAME.DAT looks like

    ///SHARE 1000,1000,1000,1000,1000,1024,1024,1024
    0000 1,0,Prog number
    0001 1,0,Col IGH#(11)
    0002 1,0,Row IGH#(12)

    I'm interesting on the 1,0, Does anybody's got something different ?

    Retired but still helping

  • RoboGuru,

    No, that never changes? I find nothing documented. My first thought is Japanese is 0 and English is 1 even though user inputted names do no change based on language. I did find a backup of a cell that had the names in German. The software was JP/US though. The values were 0,0.

    Side note: Sorry missed you most of last week. I was hoping to entertain you some evening. Maybe have you over for a cookout. What's up with Roboprof? Haven't heard from him in months. Hibernating already?


    Sorry I didn't return your call and PM'ed instead. Hard to believe, but I was in the middle of a crisis for next week.

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