Circular weaving function

  • Does Motoman has a Circular weaving function. I need this for a polishing job. We are trying to mimic human polishing motion. I found only triangle and a few other but not circular waving motion under the General menu.

  • Hi , I suppose it's "Circular Weaving " , as I said before " I cannot understand why it's even an FD parameter " , it's standard on some other makes.
    Maybe if you ask nicely they might simply turn it on for you.

  • Saw a demo today. It doesn't do a flat circular weaving along the move line. Instead, it sort of twisting the B-axis around like some drunken elephant :toothy9:. May be some setting is wrong. What we want to achieve is something similar to having a robot draw a lot of circle as it is doing MOVL along the flat plane. result should look similar to the attached picture.

  • Hi , one method could be to create a single circular path job, then use the parallel shift function to shift this program at the spacings you require using the "P" variables . This would work from what yourve described .
    You don't have to purchase any thing , it's standard.

  • The Function is called Wrist Circle. This Weave pattern is based on Frequency & Amplitude along with angle. If you set the weave file for example frq=1.0 Hz and Amp=50.00mm with an angle of 0 deg. you can get a nice circle pattern. If the tool dips while weaving you can adjust the tool angle in the program to correct this. You may also have to adjust the angle in the weave file to get the pattern flat along the MOVL path.

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