How can i read/write universal/external inputs/outputs of DX100 over Ethernet

  • Hi All,

    I am using a PLC having ethernet communication option. I wish to read the inputs and outputs of DX100 controller over Ethernet. How can i do the same. Do i have to allocate some IP to the Robot controller? From where can i do this?

    I hope i can use ethernet to communicate with Robot. I need to do this ASAP. Please guide. I am in middle of a project.

    Thanks in advance

  • You can use the attached document to help set up communication between the robot and RS Logix 5000. Once you've added the robot to the PLC's network, you will have tags in the PLC that correspond to the universal I/O of the robot. If you need to see Specific I/O, you will probably need to edit the robot ladder program to map the signals to the External Outputs that the PLC can see.

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