Using a Direct Input to Control Standard Operator Inputs

  • I am new to robotics and am trying to learn as I go to program the robot. We purchased a refurbished Fanuc robot with an RJ-3 controller. We built a small remote panel with a series of push buttons which are hard wired into the Digital input card in the controller. Currently this is being used to run different programs depending on what the operator needs to do. However we are trying to figure out how we can use a hard wired push button to perform a Fault Reset and Cycle Start. I have searched on-line and seen people talking about accessing some kind of background program which allows you to set the SI[] = DI[], however I cannot find it through the teach pendent.

    Is there a way to do this? It seems fairly simple but I can't seem to figure it out and the documentation for that specific controller seems limited.

  • Yes, I finally got that to work and got the UI enabled. Everything seems to be working except when I go to auto mode I get a "Run Request Failed" "Safety Fence Open". However it is not faulting the robot, and I have verified that the safety fence is closed. It is error code SYST-009. Any ideas?

  • Hello, I have problem with SYST-009 (safety fence open) as well. problem is that I have all fences closed, i cannot find when problem occurs. in our cell: If any fence are opened there is hydraulic system which will not start anyway. therefore I think that it cannot be fence. I think there is signal which blocks the robots. there are 2 robots master and slave.

    do you have any advice for me?

    thank you in advance

  • Assuming you are using R30iA or R30iB, please check connection between EAS1-EAS11 and EAS2-EAS21 (usually located on a board inside the panel on door itself). This should be a closed loop. You can check this by placing a jumper cable from EAS1-EAS11 and another jumper from EAS2-EAS21. If this fixes your safety gate issue, then you have issue with your safety lock / device. If this does not fix issue, you may have issue with the board or some other cable.

    Your issue may be similar to srvo-004 fence open fault, here is troubleshooting on this fault from manual:

    (4) SRVO-004 Fence open

    (Explanation) In the automatic operation mode, the safety fence contact connected to EAS1-EAS11

    or EAS2-EAS21 of TBOP4 is open.

    (Action 1) When a safety fence is connected, close the safety fence.

    (Action 2) Check the cables and switches connected between EAS1 and EAS11 and between

    EAS2 and EAS21 of the terminal block TBOP4 on the panel board.

    (Action 3) If the safety fence signal is not used, make a connection between EAS1 and EAS11

    and between EAS2 and EAS21 of the terminal block TBOP4 on the panel board.

    (Action 4) Check the mode switch. If trouble is found, replace the mode switch.

    (Action 5) Replace the panel board.

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