Simulation of older controlers in Motosim

  • How can I simulate changes in older controllers such as MRC, XRC?
    I have a version of Motosim that supports only NX100 controllers and newer, however I need to test some changes in an older cell and have no way to mount this cell in this version of Motosim.

    Rafael Schroer

    Motoman & ABB OLP Programmer

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  • MotoSim EG supports all controllers back to ERC.

    MotoSim EG-VRC only supports NX, DX, and FS controllers.

    Which product are you using? If EG-VRC you would need to purchase EG to do MRC and XRC.

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  • Hi 95 devils,
    Thanks for the response, I'm using EG VRC at 2.81 version.
    What is the difference between EG and EG-VRC?
    What is possible to do with different versions?
    Sorry for the questions, but at this time i'm a :love029: in this area.

    Rafael Schroer

    Motoman & ABB OLP Programmer

  • Main difference between EG and EG-VRC:

    EG-VRC only supports NX and newer controllers.
    EG supports ERC and newer except JRC.

    EG can only support one robot per controller. EG-VRC will support up to what the real controller will.

    EG has an old style pendant
    EG-VRC has a virtual pendant of the real pendant. All keystrokes are done with the same keystrokes as the real pendant.

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