Cycle time on KRC2

  • I have one problem on KRC 2 with the L150 extention. I would like to save some cycle time. The robot picks some object in 2 diferent ways(one time rotating only axis 6 while moving to drop position) and one time without rotating axis 6. If robot rotates the object 180 degrees(axis 6) the robot is almost 3 seconds slower if not rotating the object. the diference is only the ptp where it rotates , everything else is at maximum(speeds, accel).

    Would it be maybe better if i split rotating 180 PTP to two 90 degrees PTP motions or i increase the $VEL_AXIS_MA[6] in the machine.dat cause it is really annoying that axis 6 slows down the robot so much.

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  • I have to say I'm no expert on speeding up robots, our process is VERY slow!

    But are you rotating A6 only in your move? I would have thought moving it alone (i.e. PTP {a6 45.0}) would have been the quickest way?

  • it is KR2210L150 robot, the $VEL_AXIS_MA[6]=4100, the KSS is 5.6.11. I did some tests on the robot with smaller payload KR150L110 the motor is the same, only diference is in $RAT_MOT_AX[6] gear ratio in machine.dat and the KR150L110 rotates faster A6.

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