TCP remote maintenance tool

  • We are having some issues with our CS8C controller, where the system is not booting up properly. When the power is switched on, the MCP is stuck at the Staubli logo page, and doesn't go into the menus after a minute or two. I've read in the SRS manual that there is a TCP remote maintenance tool, but there is no information on what software/configuration is required to access this, does someone have this information?

    For those interested, these are the error indicators on the controller:

      • RSI: the three LEDs for power status (D49, D50 and D52): D49 and D50 are on, D52 is off (5V from STARC board). We checked the power LEDs inside STARC (1.2V, 1.4V, 2.5V, 3.3V and 5V), all 5 LEDs are on, indicating that there is in fact 5V at the STARC board. 7-segment display has a flashing ‘E.’ (~1 second).

      • STARC: the 5 LEDs (A-E): D and E are on (orange), A and B are flashing slowly (red), C is off.

    Any suggestions/recommendations would be much appreciated.

  • Hi

    You may try to connect to COM1 115200,8N1 with a terminal emulation software like hyperterminal and check what is output during the boot sequence.

    If the Flash disk is not completely damaged, you should be able to boot via a USB stick. The way to proceed depends on the CPU type installed in your controler. The best solution is to contact your stäubli local support team.

  • I assumed you knew the IP address of CS8C, for example: for J204, set your PC's IP:
    1. open your command windows
    2. ping -t
    3. if you got ping from the controller, reboot it again, but run telnet then you can trace the real issue of the boot problem
    4. if the ping doesn't work, the only way you can do is created a bootable usbkey to reinstall the system.

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