Optimal SP2.2 + OL5.6 Environment

  • Hello

    We had a previous installation of KukaSimPro 2.2 + OfficeLight 5.6 running on a slightly underspecced windows vista laptop that had been downgraded to windows xp that has been throwing up all sorts of errors, especially constant random crashing.

    Leading us here to look for the best possible environment for it to be installed, XP having lost support from microsoft and being totally outdated we ordered a top spec windows 7 laptop and wish for it to stay with windows 7, the original thought would be to run SP + OL on a VMware Workstation version of XP SP3, now will it be possible to give the VMware enough resource to run SP + OL to it's full potential?

    OR is it possible to install SP on the windows 7, while having only OL on the VM, or would this be more of a drawback.

    I've gone through as many topics on here as possible, including the german robotforum but having to use google translate it is hard to gather information.

    Might you have any other tips / hints or ideas of what to do for an optimal KukaSim environment?

    Kind regards.

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