What's the "ZERO Position of The Car"

  • I had recently read this file named "How to teach the tracking frame(linetracking)“

    Which mentioned " the Zero positon of the car"

    in it said" the easiest way to teach the tracking frame is when you have skid with the Zero positon of the car......." " Create a tracking programe and teach a position at the ZERO of the car" etc.

    Do anybody know What's the Zero position of the Car"? What does it mean?

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  • ello I think that you are looking to the zero position of the SKID as you said, and it means that the SKID needs to be completely located on the station, it depends how does the PLC reads this, in some shops, the SKID has a location readed by an encoder that locates physically on ZERO (Position) and this could be on the encoder maybe 200, 5000, 1000, it depends where is located, where I work this position on the encoder is 39.02mm, This is my "ZERO" position.

    Another option could be the Zero position of the CAR, when the engineering design department make or design the care they have a reference position, this is the ZERO, but, really it changes in all the cars...

    I hope this help you

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