System modules

  • I saw a robot program where all the procedures where programmed in system modules.
    What is the difference between programming in 'normal' modules and programming in system modules?
    If I do a backup, are the system modules then also backuped? Or do I need to do something special to backup the system modules?

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  • I am not sure why for this but the backup utility copy all system on harddisk or usb pen drive. I learned that the system modules is better don't touch but you wait answer a expert user

  • The system module is a specific data and routines that normally is used to a process or specific procedure from the robot job.
    Then these data and routines, can be access with any program that were created, The reason to have the system routine is keeping process data accessible.
    If you order "close program" the system module remain on the system, however the order to "save program" don't save the system modules, but backup procedure, save it.

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