Robotstudio 5.60 external axis

  • Hi,

    My name is Eduardo, I am spanish, and the last week I was in a Basic training course ABB robot programming. Now, I am trying configure the installation I have in my job, It's not exactly like the image attached but to practice it's ok.

    I don't now how configure the installation and the external axes like two rotate tables and the track can be controlled and programmed in the flexpendant,

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks, I hope in a near future I'll be able help to the community

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  • Hi,

    Yes I am trying it. Now I can work with all external axis. The problem was that after controller generation I add more axis. If I do not update te controller the flexpendant do not see the new axis. This problem is resolved.

    Now I continue learn with robotstudio manual but the "road" is long hahaha.I want to be very clear about the concepts of workobjets and how they are generated and then try to coordinate a robot and a station but it is another history

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