IRC5 : Store signal value at power down

  • I want an output that was 1 before powerdown, to be 1 again at powerup. For 0 signal the same : 0 before powerdown = 0 after powerup.
    The combination of the two parameters for a digital output are not completely clear to me :
    'Signal value at system failuren and at power failure',
    and 'Store signal value at power failure'.
    What would happen if I activate only the first parameter?
    Do I need to activate both parameters to achieve my goal?

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  • I'm not 100% certain, but I believe that it is a simple addition to the signal declaration in your EIO file.


    -Name "doInModule" -SignalType "DO" -Unit "SysComm" -UnitMap "23" -Store

    Where "-Store" is an instruction to remember the signal value.

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