S4C : bootdisk?

  • Next week I have to look at an S4C robot.
    Has this type already an ethernet card onboar? I thought the S4C+ always has. But this type is older, is the ethernet card standard, optional, or not available?
    Suppose there is something wrong with the operating system, do I need a boot disk? What if the bootdisk is lost?
    Or is a key enough to generate a new robotware with robinstal?

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  • Ow sorry, I understood wrong way.

    This card is not a standard card.
    When is necessary it have to installed the optinal card, DSCQ 336.

    Then, is possible to access the files to bakcup or install the system operation.

    On S4C, you need have the key disc and system pack. Robinstall only M2000 controller.

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