RobView3 Windows compatibility

  • Hello.

    I installed Robview3 version 3.2 and DDE version 2.5 on a Windows7, 32 bit and everything works as it should.

    I also installed Robview version 3.2.3 and DDE version 3.2.3 on a Windows 7 64bit and the Error windows message is not working (always empty).

    Does anybody knows why? What about RobView and Windows compatibility?

    Thank for your help.


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  • Update: Robview 3 error window, never worked with Windows7 32 bit too. I am trying to run it with Windows XP but I still have the same problem. I disabled the antivirus, firewall but it didn't help. I then removed the service pack 3 frpm windows XP but I still can't get the error window showing messages :-/

    RVlog are all empty and I don't know why I have this problem. Is there someone else running Robview3 with Windows XP that is showing message in the error window? Wich version of RV och DDE server?

    Thanks for your help.


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