AW005C Safety Hold

  • I am receiving a "Please Connect Safety-Holder-Mode Inputs" when I try to turn on the servo for a Panarobo AW-005C. The safety hold wires seem to be connected and in good condition. Has anyone else had this problem?

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    When I try to turn on the robot servos, I get the "Please Connect Safety-Holder-Mode Inputs" message. We have tested the Safety Hold lines all the way to the torch mount and have found no problems with this part of the circuit. We have also checked the jumper on the circuit board for the Safety Holder Mode circuit. No components on any circuit board seem to be damaged and there are no burn marks on any circuit board to indicate a damaged board component. All of the switches seem to activate accept for the BRK switch, which appears to control a brake system on the servos once they are activated.

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