Error 50264, duty factor warning

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  • I don't know if this suggestion will clear the message but is ever important to remember about payload and inertia tool declaration and use the right tool during programing. When the robot has high tool inertia, this precaution helps a lot the time of life to gearbox.

  • I was doing a search and found an information about this issue.

    OK, the error number 50263 is reported on SIS - Service Information System.

    It means that, the movements, acceleration, load and cycle are being monitoring and there is one expectative about temperature consequently
    the Duty factor warning.

    This warning message is sent each 30 minutes. If the warning 50263 is displayed often is necessary to verify the motors and gearbox temperature.
    There is a parameter on the motion parameters named "SIS parameters" on this parameter has the robot temperature. This variable define the
    ambient temperature (°C) and the standard value is 50°C. You can change this value between 35-50 °C. If the motor temperature has a good condition
    you can change the ambient temperature, so the system can measure the real expectative of the duty factor warning.

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