Safety programming

  • Hi,
    I have given the safety elements(door, Light curtain, conveyor emergentcy stop in X11. for emergency stop

    saffety sceanrio
    1.the robot and conveyor should stop when the operator pressses the door open button. And the signal light should turn RED
    2. Robot should continue its work only when the operator presses door closed and ALL OK button
    3. I am having a light curtain so when it it activated the prcess should stop and shold continue only after acknowledgment.
    4. Motar safety input

    All ready I have electrical safety circuit with x11

    A) where to implemtent it in software. Do we have any safe operation area in KUKA (like failsafe programme in s7 PLC) or I have to write only in SPS.SUB. :help:
    B)SinceI have a safety electrical circuit should I have also write it in software also. :help:
    redlight = emergentcy stop or ......

    C) for door closed and door acknowledgemtn where and how should i write? :help:

    Thank you. :merci:

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  • you did not say anything about the robot, controller, configuration, installed software or versions, location (country):

    - X11 connectors and wiring are different on different robots (KRC2/KRC4, Standard/Compact, X11/X13/X16 etc).
    - some robots may have SafeMonitoringRange or SafeOperation are installed. depending on version you get more or less features.
    - kuka robots do not include SafetyPLC, there is no place in robot where user may write own safety logic. you may configure existing features or interface to external SafetyPLC.
    - safety standards to be met are not exactly the same everywhere in the world. just because you put cage around robot and wire gate and lightcurtain to X11 (even if correct), it still does not mean that the safety requirements are met.

    What is motor safety input? are you using SBM2?

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

  • To expand on what Panic said, the SPS is NOT a safety-qualified system. Attempting to use the SPS for safety-critical control can easily result in lethal consequences.

    Unless you are using a KRC4 with ProfiSafe, or one of the other Tech Package options that Panic mentions (like SafeOperation), your only safety-qualified control inputs are the X11. Unless your KRC is very old, every X11 signal exists as a dual-channel pair, and each half of the pair must operate together to avoid creating a single-channel fault.

    The "Operator Safety" signals on the X11 will prevent the robot from operating in AUT or EXT modes unless both Operator Safe contacts are closed, but will still allow the robot to be operated in T1 or T2 modes. Normal practice is to tie these X11 inputs to the perimeter guarding (light screens, safety gates, etc) such that if a human comes within physical reach of the robot, the robot loses Operator Safety, bringing the robot to a halt.

    E-Stop buttons should be wired in series, and control the state of the E-Stop signal inputs on the X11.

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