ABB S4 profibus

  • Hello Guys,
    Can anybody help me configuring abb s4 profibus?
    I haven't any manuals so I'd like to see any eio.cfg examples...I'm trying to configure d352b card with profibus slave, notthing special..

    Thank you so much

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  • I haven't done much with configuring boards, but I pulled an EIO.cfg file that had Profibus setup, and pasted below. Hopefully it helps!

    -Name "Profibus_FA1" -BusType "PBUS" -ConnectorID "FA1"\
    -ConnectorLabel "Profibus-DP Fieldbus Adapter"

    -Name "DP_SLAVE_FA" -BusType "PBUS" -VendorName "ABB Robotics"\
    -ProductName "Profibus-DP Fieldbus Adapter Slave" -InternalSlave \
    -PB_ProductId 6161 -PB_InputSize 8 -PB_OutputSize 8

  • S4 controller.


    -Name "IOBOARD1" -Type "d328" -Bus "BASE" -TrustLevel 0 -Digin 16\
    -Digout 16 -PollRate 250

    -Name "PROFIBUS" -Type "d352" -Bus "BASE" -Address "12" -Digin 128\
    -Digout 128 -PollRate 40 -Param "PROFIBUS_VAL"


    -Name "MasterInputSize" -Value "3"

    -Name "MasterOutputSize" -Value "3"

    -Name "StationAddress" -Value "100"

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