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  • Hi there every one haven't posted for a while I have been trying to change my user frame using the three point method I have been able to successfully teach tool centre point. I can rotate axis keeping tip in same position however I have taught 2 separate user frames using an origin and x and y point but when I go to teach a set of points in the new frame and look at the position data I am still in old frame original position user frame that is active is 0 the two new frames I taught were numbered 1 and 2 .Before I start a new program how do I change frame number is it also possible that it is an option that I don't have thanks

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  • When you press SHIFT+COORD, a small menu pops up in the upper-right corner that shows your current TOOL frame, JOG frame and USER frame. You can change any of these by using the arrow keys to highlight the appropriate item and then hit a number key on the keypad to change the setting. (Hit . to activate 10)

    While you're programming, any new local positions will use the currently activated UTOOL and UFRAME.

    To change your UTOOL and UFRAME programmatically, use the UTOOL_NUM= AND UFRAME_NUM= statements. You can find these under the INST > Offset/Frames menu.

    UFRAME_NUM=2 ;
    UTOOL_NUM=1 ;

    It's good practice to set your UFRAME and UTOOL explicitly in your TP programs. You'll get a UTOOL/UFRAME mismatch error when attempting to move to a local position taught with a different UFRAME or UTOOL, but a Position Register will move to it's position with whatever's active. This can easily cause a crash if you're not careful.

    Hope this helps.

  • OK thank you for reply I will give a try I had found shift and cord keys toggled through frames and I could enter a frame number . I was thinking that I could run an existing program teach a new frame and run with out changing any other numbers just in different orientation.To do this am I to copy and paste my points around part then change frame number.what I want to do is program a path at say table 1 then use same points at table 2 should I instead of changing frame just teach points table 1 then jog to table 2 cut and paste positions some how

  • Unfortunately local program positions (e.g. P[1], P[2], etc.) are tied to a specific UFRAME and UTOOL.

    If you want the robot to do the same process with respect to two different frames with the same points/program, use Position Registers.


    ! PROCESS_1.TP ;
    UFRAME_NUM=1 ;
    L PR[1] ...
    L PR[2] ...
    L PR[3] ...

    ! PROCESS_2.TP ;
    UFRAME_NUM=2 ;
    L PR[1] ...
    L PR[2] ...
    L PR[3] ...

    Or better yet...

    ! PROCESS.TP ;
    UFRAME_NUM=R[1:Process] ;
    L PR[1] ...
    L PR[2] ...
    L PR[3] ...

    This assumes that you want any touchups to apply to all of your processes. If you want to use unique Positions for each process, you can copy/paste your program and then use the Frame Offset Utility (covered in this thread:…aught-in-wrong-userframe/) to convert the positions from one frame to another.

  • Thank you for your help I am trying my best to sort this out I have been reading a lot of posts and my manuals obviously I have missed a step some where I have used the three point method an set up a user frame in number 1 of five choices I have also set my tool frame which seems to be working correctly if I press the shift key and f5 I can change frame number in pop up window however when I start a new program and teach some points when I check position data for each point the user frame active is still showing user frame 0. Also in the general set up window ignore offset command is set to disable and the ignore tool offset is set to disable . Is it possible that I have not saved my frames correctly or I need to change or check another setting possibly in system variables thank you

  • Even if you haven't setup a UFRAME or UTOOL correctly, your local program Positions will save with the currently active UFRAME and UTOOL.

    [list type=decimal]

    • Create new program

    • Press Shift+COORD

    • In the menu that appears in the upper right, highlight TOOL

    • Press 5

    • Press Shift+COORD again

    • Highlight User

    • Press 5

    • Record a position

    • Highlight the position and then hit F5 (POSITION)

    • You should see UF:5 UT:5 at the top


    Does that make sense? I don't think there are any setup options or sysvars you can change to ignore the active UFRAME/UTOOL.

    If you go through the above process again with the actual UTOOL and UFRAME you want, but the positions do not appear to be relative to your UFRAME, you should investigate your UFRAME and ensure it is taught correctly. You can verify this by 1) activating the UFRAME (SHIFT+COORD), 2) going to the Position screen (POSN) and looking at your position in USER coordinates vs WORLD coordinates. They should probably be different.

  • Thank you was very clear for me to understand I changed both tool frame and user frame with the shift and f5 keys created a couple of new points then checked position data the tool frame has moved to tool frame 5 but the user frame is not changed it is still on user frame 0 only thing to do is work out why Thank you.

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