Axis limits -Adjustment (Limit axis G1: A2 H)

  • We are moving one of our welding robots (R-30iA) in order to increase our capacity adding an extra table. But there is one problem with one of the axis (2) because it doesnt reach one of the desire points. We try to adjust its axis limits, but we do not see any change physically, what can we do?


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  • Be carefull with a limit error. It will post the axis numbers hexadecimal. For example: MOTN-017 G1 A6 HEX means that axis 2 and 3 are on their limit.
    In your case A2 hex means that axis 2 is on his limit. So that won't be the problem.
    Did you reboot after changing the axis limits? Cause you must reboot to make the new value active.

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