Analog vs group input

  • If I have a PLC-Profibus-Robot setup. And I want to control the override with the plc.
    Then I can do this with a group input, make a register equal and override = Register. Is this also possible with an analog input?
    If yes, then why or in what situation is it better to use a group input?

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  • If you are using your full scale on your analog device I believe the AI[1] will read 0-1000. But don't quote me on that. Create a background program with no motion and program the following: R[x]=Ai[1] div 10. This will always put a value into the register because it runs in the background but will only change the robot when the override is changed in the looping program.

  • Thx for the reply.
    So it is possible to use analog inputs for this. Then why should I bother to config group inputs, if I can just use virtual analog inputs for this?
    Is it because the max value is limited?

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