Fanuc Servo off timer

  • How do i increase the amount of time the robot will sit idle before the servos turn off?

    The problem i'm having is that each cycle the robot sits idle waiting for an input from another machine. If it is waiting longer then 20 seconds, the robot takes an extra half a second to start moving once it receives the input, so im presuming the servos are turning off and the delay i caused by them having to turn back on?

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  • Hi

    Here you can change the parameter. Its in milliseconds

    Minimum: 0 Maximum: 100000000 Default: 10000 KCL/Data: RW Program: RW UIF: Not available CRTL: Not available Data Type: INTEGER Memory: Not available
    Name: Servo Off Time
    Description: $sv_off_time defines the time interval, in milliseconds, after which the servo motors are shut down.
    Power Up: Requires a cold start to take effect.

  • I dont'have $sv_off_time as a parameter in the variable page?

    I am reasonably new at robotics, but i presume there is no other page for parameters other then the system variables page?

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