Lock override in AUTO mode

  • I know there are a couple of variables to set the override.
    When you cold start, change coordinates, tp enable, ...

    I can't find a variable, to change override to 100% when I put the robot in AUTO mode.
    I know some work arounds, but I'm looking for a variable.


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  • There are a couple of ways to do it, and both involve setting up a digital output for AUTO in the system config screen. (Menu - System - Config - Usually option 31)

    I like to configure that particular digital output as a flag (Rack: 34, Slot: 1, Point: [flag #]) but you can use any valid digital output. From there, if you're using background logic already, the easiest way to do it would be to add the following line to that bg logic program:

    1: IF (DO[...:Auto]),$MCR.$GENOVERRIDE=(R[...]) ; (You can also use a constant here)

    I like to add a debug flag to that line so that I can run the program slower (or faster) if I need to without having to edit the BG program:

    1: IF (DO[51:Auto] AND !F[1024:Debug]),$MCR.$GENOVERRIDE=(R[50:GenOvrd]) ;

    The other way to do it (if you don't want to use BG logic) is to use the override select feature. If this is the way you want to go, then you need to be using a DO configured to a flag point. Then you need to configure a digital input to the same flag point, and then go to "Ovrd Select" from the setup menu and configure it thusly:

    1 Function Enable :ENABLE

    2 Signal 1 : DI[...][OFF]
    3 Signal 2 : DI[...][OFF] (same input # as above)

    7 ON ON (whatever override % you want)

  • Hi, RoBoWi
    U really right. It is in system variable. See please in system variable manual for details.
    $SCR.$coldovrd Name: Cold Start Override
    $SCR.$coordovrd Name: Coordinates Override
    $SCR.$tpenbleovrd Name: Teach Pendent Enable Override

    and others variables for setup override in some situations you can read in manual.


  • $SCR.$coldovrd Name: Cold Start Override
    $SCR.$coordovrd Name: Coordinates Override
    $SCR.$tpenbleovrd Name: Teach Pendent Enable Override

    The above only set the default value of the General Override at Cold Start, when switching Coord systems on the Teach Pendant, and enabling the Teach Pendant.
    They default to '10', I believe, so when turning on the TP, you see the General Override switch down to 10%.
    So, those will not set you back to 100% upon entering AUTO.

    Flatcurve has the comprehensive answer, except there is another var that can be used to great effect. Doesn't put you in 100% when switching to AUTO either, but it is a way to leave General Override at a fixed 100% while programmatically affecting overall speed override in your programmed motion.

    $MCR_GRP[1].$PRGOVERRIDE is a programmable scaling factor for programmed motion override, affects only programs to make them run slower even though the General Override is set to 100%. ($PRGOVERRIDE 100 (default) =100%, full speed) This would be a way to insert an override for a section of code that is less than 100%. The advantage is that the general override can stay at 100%, but when the robot is carrying something massive, you can easily override the General Override without changing it from 100%. So operators can't intervene and bump it back up to 100% without editing code or manually changing this var until a program sets it back. $PRGOVERRIDE is multiplied by General Override and programmed move speeds, so all else being maximum, a $PRGOVERRIDE of 50 will yield effectively 50% speeds.

    - Jay

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  • Hi,Scotty
    Where i can find the manual? I chack my DVD and can not find that manual u said.
    Thank u!

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