Axis limit J4

  • Hi, I would like to know what the mechanical axis limit for j4 is form a arc mate 120iC is.. The axis has a preset software limit from -360 to 360 and can be set to -9999 to 9999 degrees??
    There are cables running tru the axis for j5 and j6 so there must be a limit?

    added: i have read in the manual about the cables being wind 3.3 times around the rotating axis j4, so does this mean a mechanical freedom of 1.65 *360 to both sides from zero? And what if i rotate the axis further? Do i break the cables?

    Thanks in advance.
    Kind regards.

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  • Don't expand the axis limit for J4. You'll brake the cables!!!! Also if you ever have to master the robot. Take off the black cover from J4, to see the torsion on the cables. Lots of people master the robot at 360° instead of 0°. One cycle start and the cables are gone.
    My advise: decrease the limits, never increase the limits.

  • Thanks RoBoWI,

    Can i lift the back cover from J4 without loosing oil etc? I have got a SRVO-068 DTERR on axis 5.. thats why i started thinking about the possibility of damaged cables inside the robot..

    Please let me know if i can lift the back cover without loosing oil.


  • There is no grease behind the cover, only the rolled up cable.
    Check if the cable fix behind the cover is bend. If it's bend, you have put to much torsion on the cables.

  • Thanks RoboWi,

    I have contacted Fanuc today... They assume the SRVO-068 DTERR alarm indicates a problem in the cables to axis J5 and 6.
    Following the picture in the manual it looks like there is oil beyond the cover from J4? (see attachment). Are we talking about the same robot RoboWI?

    They told me that the cables need to be replaced if i have exceed the axis limit of J4.(and you don't want to know the costs?!)
    But what is the real limit from Axis 4? My manual gives me a motion range from -200 to 200 degrees and further on in the manual it gives me a axis limit from -360 to 360 degrees? Even after drinking liters of coffee i still cannot figure out what the real axis limit is? :wallbash:

    After this i must say even do i properly made a stupid mistake i still cannot believe the possibility of breaking the cables by simply changing a software limit whitout any warnings or whatsoever?

    How do you think about this? Does anyone has experienced this kind of troubles?
    Thanks for helping!

  • Someone can correct me if i'm wrong but Arcmate 120iC and M-20iA is the same robot. So they have the same mecanical axis limit. However ArcMate come preset with lower limit from lincoln electric as they have cable that can't be twist that much. I will check tomorow on my robot what is the limit preset by lincoln for these robot but i'm pretty sure it's +200 -200.

  • Behind the cover there is no grease, otherwise the cable would constantly be in grease. And your cable inlet would leak some I guess.
    If you take of the cover you'll see if the limit is 200 or 360. I think it's 200.

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  • Problem solved... Cable pack was damaged because of the over travel of axis j4 (the limit is -200 to + 200).. I still cannot believe how easy it is to brake a very expensive cable pack.... :wallbash:

    Thanks for helping.

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