Need help with Link b/t SprutCAM & Kuka KR 30/2

  • Ok....I've re-adapted my Rhino/PRC robot model for SprutCAM; the simulations look beautiful so I know I've done that right...but now I'm not sure how to link the Base Frame I established on my KRC-1 to the appropriate setting(s) SprutCAM. I've tried numerous times but the robot is moving way off-path from the simulation and I have no idea what I have set wrong. I've attached a screenshot that shows my settings in SprutCAM, and the resulting .SRC file. In this image you can see the Base Frame numbers (highlighted on the LEFT) that I established at my KRC-1 cabinet; putting the numbers at their present location in SprutCAM seemed the logical thing to do, but no physical success in the real world has come of that. (I also have not ruled out the SC Kuka Post-processor possibly acting funny...possible?)

    Thanks for any help....I am nearly there!! :toothy9:

  • Hi,

    I am completely new to robotics, i will use KUKA KRC2 WinXp KR30-2 strictly for milling.

    I want to test Sprutcam last version trial.

    Can anyone with experience already doing that can tell me what i must do on THE ROBOT.
    I think i must do at least two thinks;
    set ROBOT base same as in CAD program
    ser TOOL BASE same as in CAD program (i will manualy switch mills)
    i hope i just put x,y,z or degrees on each axle to robot BASE and TOOL BASE?

    Then put workpiece on right place, and copy nc code and start it?

    Of course first i run simulation on CAD, then on robot T1 or T2 mode, step(line) by step(line) on robot to see if everything is set correctly.

    Thanks for helping completely noob to robotics :hahaha:

  • Hi vineeee,
    I can help with Sprutcam setup

    it is not complicated, but a bit confusing in the beginning.
    here are the steps you need to do:

    At the real robot:
    1. Setup a tool with XYZ 4 point method
    2. Setup the tool orientation with ABC 2 point method, following these instructions:…eaun9/kalibrovka.jpg?dl=0
    3. Get the base data of your workpiece

    In Sprutcam

    1. Enter the tool data (A, B and C) in Sprutcam - be precise when entering the tool orientation.
    2. Rotate the 3d model of the spindle to match the real one - after you enter the angles of the tool probably the spindle will be rotated as well.
    This tutorial may be of some help to you - it is very informative:

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    When you are ready with the robot setup in Sprutcam you will need to enter the real robot base data of the workpiece into Sprutcam Global CS

    After that you are ready to start :)

    May be it will be easier for you if you contact the nearest Sprutcam representative to help you in the setup?

  • vvelikov thank you for your time helping me with this.

    I looked a lot of sprutcam tutorial videos on youtube including one you posted.
    I am feel very week on kuka robot right now, i can't write one line in KRC language, my whole time spend on robot is about 2 hours, moving axles in jog mode and set english language from germany, thats it. I never run an automatic program.
    Yes i reed a few hundred pages of KRC2 Win XP edition manuals a few times :love029:
    And i know i will need to read it again few times :icon_rolleyes:

    So far what i did to my robot,
    change batteries,
    change language on UI KRC software thank to Martin84.

    What i need to do now; remastering robot because i lose mastering because Win XP is not been shut down correctly because of dead batteries. Of course i do not have EMT or KUKA Dial Gauge, i will do it with cheap standard Dial Gauge (i read tons of post here, thanks all for sharing).

    And then you say;

    At the real robot:
    1. Setup a tool with XYZ 4 point method

    You think to calibrate tool without endmill?
    Like in this photo;

    Do i must do it like in this video
    yes i know is for KRC4 i have KRC2.
    Or is simple just point the right numbers to TOOL DATA on KRC2 (which i also insert to SprutCam at the way you posted in video) by the way i do not know jet how to do it? Will read manuals one more time.

    3. Get the base data of your workpiece

    Hm, that is nothing to set on robot, but just to be carefull, what you set in Sprutcam and what you have on real life (on table or flor)?

    Thank you again for helping me and giving me some of your time to post here :merci:

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