D-series controller maintenance manual

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  • I just wanted you to point this out for other intended readers of the thread...………..:top:

    (For those that come across this thread).

    Kawasaki provide different specification of Controller within the same series, it is imperative you refer to the specific documentation relative to your type of Controller as often there are differences.

    For instance:

    America Spec Controllers use 2 Voltages for Teach (3 phase 60vac) and Repeat (3 phase 210vac).

    EU Spec use only (3 phase 210vac) for both Teach and Repeat Modes.

    So, even though some Kawasaki Controllers 'look' the same, never assume they are the same, especially when comparing America, EU and Japan Spec Controllers, you will find some subtle differences (especially in the power distribution area, hardware and software revisions).

    Not all parts can easily be swapped between different specs, so always refer to the correct documentation where applicable...……

    :top:  brad.ford

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