Memory full - R30iB

  • hello Guys,

    Someone knows how can I increase the memory to program in a controller R30iB? Now, is it work with "compact Flash" or still using dedicated boards? Is there any link to see whats the options available?

    Thank you.

    Best Regards

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  • Never seen this happen yet on an R30ib. No idea how you expand the memory, but I have a question.. Are you using ALOT of programs on this? Are they TPE or Karel? I do see alot of redundant programming that uses the same motion in multiple programs and that will eat up memory quickly.


  • There is an option called TP DRAM (R709). This allows you to run programs from external memory cards.
    I never used it and don't find extra info on google, so for more details you better contact your local Fanuc sub.

  • I work with Fanuc from RJ2 to R30iA, I don't have so much experience however I have manuals except the R30iB. In others Fanuc for example we can change the memory board with 32MB to 64MB. Others robots are using "compact flash" and so on.

    The situation was, somebody asked me how increase the memory because robot's memory was full, When I asked him, "What's your robot?" And he said R30iB, I thought strange and I had no answer. He told me that the robot have many many similar programs but I don't know what kind, TPE or Karel.

    Without manuals I´ll need to contact Fanuc support. I'll ask about TP DRAM (R709) too.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Best Regards

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