ABB 1400 Arc Weld - Error: Weld Off Supervision Signal Not Set

  • I always having this error after welding on one point.

    AW_WELD_ERR "Weld off supervision signal not set. Check welding equipment"

    what shall i do?

    Setting is correct, i had increase the sensitivity in Control Panel>Supervision from 100 to 180 still the same error occur.

  • Not to bring back dead topics or anything but since KFG's issue was never even addressed I figured I'd contribute for anyone else who may come across this post with a similar issue.

    The part of the error that includes the word 'supervision' shouldn't be confused with "Motion Supervision". It's referring to Arc Supervision, not motion. If this problem was only occurring on 1 specific weld or weld point then the problem KFG was having most likely had nothing to do with the robot (unless the weld point was programmed incorrectly, i.e. the tip to work distance was programmed to close or too far away from the workpiece). His problem most likely was the result of his the weld parameters he was using or within the configuration of the welder itself. I've never actually seen the "Weld off signal not set" message nor can I find it listed in the Arc & Arc Sensor manual so I can't really say for sure what that is/means. but below is a little info regarding different errors.

    There are 12 different types of Arc Errors...

    AW_START_ERR - Error during the start of the process [i.e. torch, gas, water supervision] (1)
    AW_IGNI_ERR - Error during the ignition phase [arc supervision] (2)
    AW_WELD_ERR - Error during the main weld phase [arc supervision] (3)
    AW_EQIP_ERR - Equipment error [i.e. voltage, current, water or gas supervision during welding] (4)
    AW_WIRE_ERR - Wire error [wire stick supervision] (5)
    AW_STOP_ERR - Process stop was commanded [welding interrupted using the stop process input] (6)
    AW_TRACK_ERR - Tracking error (7)
    AW_TRACKSTA_ERR - Tracking error (8)
    AW_TRACKSTA_ERR - Tracking correction error (9)
    AW_USERSIG_ERR - User error (10)
    AW_WDM_STABSTOP - WDM stability out-out-of-range (11)
    AW_WDM_SIGNSTOP - WDM signature out-out-of-range (12)

    There are also 102 different error numbers that are also provided when you receive specific errors (they can be found in the "Arc and Arc sensor" manual)

    The message "AW_WELD_ERR: Weld off supervision signal not set. Check welding equipment." tells him several things...
    1.) Indicated that the robot WAS being informed of the type of error present (AW_WELD_ERR).
    2.) There hasn't been a signal set to monitor for 'Weld Off' (whatever that is).
    3.) And to check his welding equipment. In the past when I've ran into weird poorly described errors that end with "Check Welding Equipment" that is usually the most helpful part of the error. Most welding equipment will give their own error codes as well which you can reference in their manuals to find out exactly what it has faulted for.

    Maybe that will help someone one day, if not I got paid to sit here & type it so it's not a total waste, haha :icon_mrgreen:


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