gripper designe for circular brass component

  • Hi,

    i am working on a project in which i have to pick and place a circular brass component. i am using kuka robot i tried 3 different materials to design a gripper for this project but all three material didn't give the good result they are getting deformed at temp. of 90 degree. so any one could help me out in selecting the material for picking brass component at 90 degree Celsius.

  • You do not give much for design requirements. Do you have surface finish issues, inside / outside gripping, mass of part....

    If your system design would allow it, I would use some variety of tool steel for the gripper "fingernails." This will last the longest.
    If you cannot use tool steel, then some type of softer metal (brass, aluminum, mild steel) for touch surface inserts, but expect to replace the insert regularly as a maintenance item.
    Ground or polished touch surfaces.
    Correct pneumatic pressure to avoid touch damage.
    If two-finger gripper on external grip, I have used fingernails designed like machinist's v-block locators to capture the cylindrical object at the centerline axis.
    If two-finger gripper on internal grip, I have used fingernails with matching radii to internal diameter.
    Similar construction for three-finger grippers.
    I have designed in shoulder features to the fingernails that allow me to positively align and locate the workpiece repeatably.
    For 90C hot environment, I would either try to cool the gripper between picks/places, or make the fingernails long in order to attempt some bit of "cooling fin" heat transfer effect. If you do not cool, then you will lose the gripper mechanism and / or the heat will be transmitted to the robot wrist joint. That's bad news.

  • thank u TygerDawg for replying actually the component is a forged brass component with depth of 8mm and 56mm diameter . so have just 8mm to catch the component on gripper. i have tried aluminum gripper jaws but with smaller diameter and stick some rubber slips to compensate the diameter. the thing was working but only for 5 to 6 component. now i am going for aluminum gripper and one mor other material "MAZAK", what do u think about MAZAK. as far as 90 degree Celsius temperature is concern i cannot stop robot because my robot has to serve 3 CNC machine in 7 sec each loading and unloading. can u help me out with this.... so what i think is only changing material of gripper jaws will help me out.....

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