Servo 023 G% A%

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  • SERVO-023 SRVO Excess Stop error (Group:% d Axis:% d)

    Cause: An error jumped excessive servo position when the engine stopped.

    Remedy: 1 Check if the applied load exceeds the nominal value. If so,
    decrease the load. (If you apply a torque overload
    torque required for acceleration, deceleration, and so
    on exceeds the maximum torque available from
    motor. Therefore, it may be impossible to answer
    an order sent correctly, resulting in the output of this
    2 Check each interface voltage three-phase voltage (200
    VAC) applied to the servo amplifier. If you find that the voltage is
    170 VAC or less, check the supply voltage
    entry. (A sub-standard voltage applied to a servo amplifier
    results in a torque lower than normal. By
    Therefore, it may be impossible to correctly answer a
    sent order, therefore resulting in the output
    This alarm).
    3 If you find that the input power voltage must
    170 VAC or greater be, replace the servo amplifier.
    4 Replace the motor.

  • Number one cause of stop error excess is a brake going bad in the motor. To test the axis in question, jog the robot with the teach pendant to a stetched out position, focus on that axis, and release the deadman.

    If the axis drops any, you have a bad brake. replace the motor......

    Usually you get this error when the robot is "waiting" in the program, internally it times out (in 20 or 30 seconds), turns off the servos and engages the brakes.

  • I agree with the good Dr... One thing you could do to limp along (Part is ordered, have to run this till Monday) is increase the brake timeout value... This is not the fix but could keep production running for a little while. Remember the time the axis is sitting not moving while the servos are powered up heat is being created... Make sure there is sufficient ventilation around the controller and the bot itself. One other option is to have the robot wait in an orientation that the axis will not fall if the brakes slip.

    Best of Luck

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