.src & .dat exceeding 200kb - issues

  • Hi Guys.

    A "colleague" called me with a small problem.

    he's doing a sheet metal application (bending) - with some aftermarket post processor tool (don't know the supplier).
    I think the "resolution" is causing some problems - he sent me a program, and it's something like 10k lines with nothing but points.
    IMO a total over kill for that project - but - that's how the post processor works...

    I rememeber from an old Kuka Camrob application - that the Sim (camrob edition) would make multiple programs if the programs exceeded "something" (can't remember if it was number of program lines - or number of points)

    It appears that the problem comes when program files (especially the .dat) are exceeding 200kb (the one he sent me was .src 187kb and .dat 325kb (ish))

    I told him to put in $DIST_NEXT and $DISTANCE in his variables - and it appears that points are something like between 1/100 of each other.

    Is it:
    modify post processor - "lowering" the "resolution" - with the risk of problems due to that (since it's sheet metal bending)
    Is there a tricky way to "accept" larger program files?

    last is shitty - I know...


    if I can't fix it - it must be broken...

  • You can separate your program for 3.000 lines and you can call subroutines from one main routine.

    If your program bigger then 30.000 lines ( or something like ), you need to use DirectoryLoad options to load - unload programs.

    I had a same problem before, but my post processor is creating 50 LIN points for one linear movements. That's why I have wrote a software with .net to calculate that points are on one line or not.

    All things are difficult before they are easy. <br />Thomas Fuller


  • i'll get him to send me a few more program files - just to compare them, and maybe set the fact, that "THAT" is the problem.
    If so - DirLoader it is...

    if I can't fix it - it must be broken...

  • Try to edit the /KRC/ROBOTER/INIT/MEMCONFIG.INI file.

    Modify the variable "miniumal physical page".

    Initially that variable value is 10.

    I don't know why, but KUKA tech support once told me to update it in steps of 10 units.

    So the next step should be 20, the next 30...

    Try it and come back with the result ;)

  • You can also increase a memory from regedit but you will need to separate again I think. ( increasing memory : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\KUKA Roboter GmbH\Cross3\Manager\Boot\VxWin )

    actually directory loader is not necessary unless your total lines bigger than 28-30k lines. Nevertheless I hope you can find a problem on post-processor.

    All things are difficult before they are easy. <br />Thomas Fuller


  • Thanks guys!

    I'll give it a go...
    Basically the problem is the way the post processor handles it - compared to, as described, by the CamRob (example)

    if I can't fix it - it must be broken...

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