irvision and win8

  • Hi,

    I recently install win 8 and i install irvision for first time ,home page for irvision is OK but when i choose setup vision this page doesn't come up correctly, ??? and just write it on the page "copying file ......." ??? ???

    While i set all the setting from manual of irvison and before that i worked with "win xp sp2" and that work properly.
    What is my problem is there any special setting for "IE10" in win 8 ???

    Many thanks for yours favor.

  • I seem to remember that irvision copies its programs out of the robot and installs some java based stuff on the PC to open up the tools. Check your security settings in WIN8 with regards to JAVA. Sounds like its being blocked.


  • Hi H.esk60 ,

    I agree with Fabian, If XP does it, I'd stay with it. i hate win 8...period. I cannot say exactly with any sort of road map for you as to where to go and check the security setting. IR vision only supports the use of internet Explorer , not other browser programs (so say-eth FANUC). You will need to look in the Internet Explorer 'tools' section and look for the 'Security' and 'privacy' tabs. In there you will set the security levels down to accept the incoming connection from the robot. i think you also need to turn off any firewalls you have on.

    Best I can do.. I don't use win8.


  • iRVision is using ActiveX controls (this is why it's working only under Internet Explorer). This is the only supported browser (and I think only up to vers. 9). I am using iRVision setup page on Windows 7 64 bit and it's working ok.

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