• Dear experts ,
    I am not familiar with robotics but i have a small project to be done its about modelling and estimation of natural constraints ... my supervisor needs a mathematical equation that describes the physical constraints exerted by the environment ..

  • it is not about natural constraints only it is about constrained motion how to model them and estimate these constraints using the internal sensors of a manipulator while doing manipulation tasks like opening a door..etc

    how to find equations that describes these constraints and solve them to get the future position

  • Still not getting it. "Force constrained" motion? Well, the closest thing I have any experience with there is KUKA's Force-Torque Control, which ties a multi-axis force sensor directly into the robot's motion planner.

    The KUKA LWR research robot is supposed to have a great deal of internal force sensing and the ability to work as a force-compliant device, but it's primarily limited to university research labs, as far as I know.

  • maybe your just after a specific robots work envelope, this will tell you what constraints a robot has and can't get programmed after

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