Names of Spindle suppliers

  • Hi All, This is a great forum for getting information. Thank you all.
    I have been asked to experiment with a robot to machine off gates and risers of Permanent Mold Aluminum castings.
    I have started looking at what I need and would require 3 different tools so A spindle with a tool change capability,
    also I do not need a lot of RPM in this spindle 10 hp 7500rpm would be enough.
    I have the name of one spindle supplier, Colombo. Is there others and what has peoples experience been.
    Thank you all again

  • We have a few Colombo spindles up and running for a few years.
    IMT and Jaeger have some good spindles and there is a chinese guy on ebay that sells spindels, linearmotions or something if I remember good. we bought one for a few hundred euro and it was delivered in 5 days! But didnt test it yet.
    Where are you located?

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