system dosen,t come up system hang

  • Hi,
    I have r30ia-mate for 100ic .
    suddenly today in during work system hang and any key in teach pendant dose,t work.after power off and on system doesn't come up and stay in first page "waiting for starting". i tyrn off system after 10 min system come up but when robot jog system hang again . I force change the CPU card with other one and the system work properly .
    My question: what happen for my CPU card ? this problem depend the power deviation or no ?is it need use of UPS for prevent again problem
    please help me?

  • I know it sound weird but Have you tried to change the teach pendant??
    I have had some issues similar to this one, on R30iA and this new version come with a few little problems, the software of the teach pendant sometimes will not come up.
    Just try and see what happen,
    On the other hand, I would recommend to contact Fanuc support.

  • H.esk60 ,

    easyrobot did try to help you with your problem. He asked if you tried reloading the image. You need to reload a saved backup image of your do have that.. right? Its foolish to not have image backups. I've learned that the hard way. This looks like you have corrupt software. Maybe not core operating software, but corrupt application software. you should be able to do a control start and reload a standard file backup (not image) and be ok. I have seen a log file get too big and crash the controller loading on the r-30ia. I dont believe this is TP related for this robot ; however, even the newest software release on the new r30ib is buggy. I can prove it and its repeatable. Fanuc is aware of the teach pendant software issues that are causing instability in the new r30ib.

  • Contact Fanuc.

    There are patches for both the TP and the controller. Depending on your current software Rev you may need only one or both.

    I had a very similar problem where the TP would just hang at any point. The firmware upgrade on the TP and the software patch ended up resolving the issue.

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