RV-E2 Overcurrent 0561

  • Hi,

    I am new to this forum. I managed to get an RV-E2 in a broken condition. The controller was dead.
    After some investigation, I was able to locate the prolem around the RTC function and fond the PCD damaged in this area. Some connections were etched off, probaly due to an installed ackup battery and humid conditions.
    I was able to fix the board and it looked good.
    The robot moved in all axes.
    But after a while, the 1 axis ("hip") showed overcurrent, alarm 0561. I tokk out the power module for axis 1 and 2 and the IGT module had zero resistance in one bridge. I replaced the IGBT module and it worked again, but after a while I got the 0561 again. No damage at the IGBT, at least no inside short circuit this time.

    But what could e the reason for the trouble ?
    Damaged IC ? There is a custom IC on the board and I doubt to get ist somewhere.
    Broken cables ? Could internal or external cabling of the arm be the reason ? I can measure about 5.3 Ohms over all three phases of the motor.

    Any help woul be highly appreciated, especially any more detailed information like schematics.


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