Nachi AW controller playback speed

  • Hi there, I am new to this Forum. I am having an issue with a test robot we have at our shop. AW controller and a SF160 robot.It seems that the playback speed of my program is the same as the jog speed I am using. I have went through every parameter or setting of record and playback that I could find. I have experience with Fanuc but this is really irritating me. Is there a system variable that I may need to change? all i have is the mechanical maintenance manual and the users manual. I do not know of any hidden menus either.. Can somebody help?

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  • Playback mode f11 key + ENABLE key --> Playback speed rate+10%
    f12 key + ENABLE key --> Playback speed rate-10%

    or Service menu --> 1.Teach/PlayBack Condition --> 5.Playback speed override .
    Actual playback speed is a percentage (1~150%) of record speed

  • Achencan,

    I have tried what you said in playback mode/manual. Still the same it seems to be running like 300-500mm/sec. just by looking at it. But also the auto/manual key switch is in manual when I am running playback. When I flip it to auto I get a E-0379-safety and manual/auto switch combination not correct. I don't know where this needs to be inputted to correct?

    Do you think its not running my proper speed b/c it is not in auto mode?


  • I have found with Nachi Robots that it is a whole lot easier to program using just seconds, not mm/sec. No matter what you have on the jog speed on your teach pendant it will always stay at xxx seconds.

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