camera connection problem

  • Hi
    When i connect camera to controller and then in irvision software in live mode after 3 or 4 second my controller hang and the teach pendant lock anything doesn't work.I change camera and cable with new one but problem doesn't solve
    Please help me what is my problem (i think it is about hardware in motherboard)
    I have r30ia-mate open air controller .

    many thanks.

  • Are the dip switches set correctly on the back of the camera?

    If you're using a Sony XC-56, switches 7 and 8 need to be ON, all the others should be off.

  • yes DRAM is 32MB.but are you sure it is my problem? because i have other system that they are 32MB but the vision system work correctly.

  • Do you have a PC hooked up to the controller when it locks up on you?

    I just ran into an issue a day ago where the PC caused the controller to freeze. (Windows 7, Internet Explorer)

  • You also want to make sure that you are not logging images. This will take up a lot of memory and may cause the controller to lock up. We have ran into this problem before...

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