Servo Spot Weld Gun

  • I'm fitting an Obara Servo Spot Welding gun to an existing Kawasaki ZX165U robot. Can anyone advise how I can enable the 7th axis and what software is available to contol this axis and the welding process, or do I need to write it myself.
    Thanks in advance

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  • Need a little more information to give a good answer. What is or was the current appliaction? If it is configured as a servo gun then its not too difficult. If it is configured as a material hanlder or other application you may need more. There are settings and Functions that need to be configured for a servo gun, S-logic. Is this a C controller? D controller? Does it have a current installed interface? Etc..

  • Thanks for your reply, Roboperson.
    The robot has a D-Controller and is presently set up for a 6 axis handling operation. I have fitted the 7th axis card and harness which were installed on another identical robot previously. Unfortunately this other robot has been reset to factory specs, losing all the 7th axis settings, and is in use on another production line.
    I think I have all the hardware in place and so need only the correct parameter settings (I couldn't find them on the machine or in the manuals) to enable the 7th axis and whether programs are available anywhere to correctly control the servo gun.

  • I hate to say it, but you may be at the mercy of Kawasaki on this one. Servo spot weld software is different than Material Handling. IF you get the correct software, getting the correct settings unless it is from the same robot type Servo Gun could be difficult. Kawasaki upper level passwords are software specific by mathmatical code per software version and they wont give them out. Most the settings you need are in them levels. You can back door it if you know how to log in with KCwin or KCwinTCP/IP but I believe even some of them settings can not be reached. They also charge 1,000 dollars per option changed even though they are in the controller, but not active. Hope someone else can help or offer better advice... best of luck

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