• Hello,

    I am a technical instructor who just received a used RV-M2 unit. The unit can be moved with the teaching pendant, but cannot hold a program. I will post some pictures soon of the innards (cards, etc.) I think we might be missing a chip that stored the program because a blue chip set on the card with the data switches is missing the chip. Does this sound correct? I also do not have the software to program it with a pc & the link through mitsubishi is to an invalid file. Does anyone have the software? We are doing this as a project in a motor control course. Any help is appreciated.

  • Hi,

    I guess I come late but I have the software to program the robot. My problem is other, I need examples of connecting sensors to the drive unit.


  • Hi

    I am interesting in the software you talked about, and i have a question, i hope you can help me: If I disconnect the battery from the drive unit card would I lost the drive unit system?, i mean, am I able to move the robot after disconnect the battery?

    That's why I am asking about the program. Thanks for all

  • Please is there any chane one of you still have the program ?
    that would be awesome ! thanks alot !

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