kuka sim.pro 2.1 how to make staffs move on the conveyor.

  • Hii, i'm new in this staff. I made a lay out includes robot,conveyor ,creator,vertial sensor. i made signal(input and output) link b/n the robot and interfaces (i want staffs(glass) start rolling on the conveyor(starting from the creator) and stops when they reach on the sensor)..When i run the simulation i saw the glass but it is not moving.
    what i'm missing?

  • First insert frames from start point( near creator ) to end point ( near grasping position ). Move the second frame to the end point. In behavior tab open path and insert frames in correct order. Start simulation...

  • Does creator contains path? Or only component container?
    Creator create part -> Creator Component Container -> Creator Path -> Creator Interface -> Conveyor Interface -> Conveyor Path ...

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