Time delay in Gripper Coupling

  • Hi All, :help:

    I am using Kawasaki ZX200S E conroller and Walther ATC. Robot is a Master for the Gripper.
    Whenever i am picking the gripper , communication is taking around 5 seconds to become healthy.
    Can any one tell me how to over come this time delay? :hmmm:


    Vicky,<br />India

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  • Hi roboperson

    Thanks for your responce,but i am unable to get your point.Can please give some brief explanation?


    Vicky,<br />India

  • It looks like roboperson is talking about using two steps or two MOVE instructions that both go the the same place. The first one just does the MOVE and the second one moves to the position where the arm already is and also executes the I/O instructions.

    That's just a guess. Hope it helps.

    I'd appreciate if someone who knows what roboperson is talking about would post a clarification. Anything that's a "common Kawasaki solution" is worth understanding clearly.

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