ABORT program when DTERR alarm

  • Hi,
    In r30ia-mate in during execute program suddenly the DTERR alarm appear and the current program aborted .I push the reset key in teach pendant but error doesn't clear I turn off and on the controller the DTERR alarm cleared .I have 3 question.
    1- why in DTERR alarm the program aborted ?
    2- why with push reset key the DTERR alarm doesn't cleared.
    3-Why after turn off -on robot doesn't come back to the main program .

    thanks. :help:

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  • I guess it is SRVO-68 DTERR ?
    There is a miscommunication between the controlboard and a pulscoder.
    This is a serious error and the problem needs to be solved.
    That is why you can not simply reset the error.

    Check cables, connections, axis-controlboard and pulscoders.

  • Many thanks for your favor.

    I change the cable with new one ,I check all the connection and ground is OK .but yet sometimes have this error.
    Do you have more experience about this error .

  • Please indicate if the DTERR is posted against a single axis or several?
    This can help narrow down cable vs. encoder issues.

    Are you experiencing CRCERR errors as well?

    Is yours a paint controller?

    Exactly which mechanical unit?

  • Many thanks for your favor.
    But in 200IC how can i change the pulse coder for axis 2
    in mechanical unit it is not reachable .
    you mean i should change the motor.
    :help: :help: :help:

  • Mine is a paint controller and it is on all axis.... They disconnected and then reconnected all the cables in the base. They also removed the cables in the arm when they did not have to. I'm trying to find out what is common to all axis?

  • DTERR errors can have many causes. It means the pulse coder has lost connection to the CPU or to the Servo amp depending on which robot model.
    If you unplug the pulse cable at the amp or CPU this error will be posted.
    It seems as if some of you are not going to then alarm menu and reporting all of the active alarms.
    Menu, 4 then press reset to get the active alarms.
    A lot of times another alarm is associated with this. BLAL, BZAL., CCER and others.
    In order to properly diagnose we need all of them.

    NOW Fanuc had a problem with lead free solder a few years ago. The solder on the pulse coder grows "whiskers" and eventually shorts itself.
    Almost every pulse coder manufactured with this solder will need to be replaced.
    There is a service bulletin

    On beta motors; small motors, like in the motors in the LR Mate, the motor needs to be replaced as you cannot purchase the pulse coder circuit board separately.

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