Nachi user password

  • I have just powered up an ax controller and I am stuck in what seems to be a beginner mode. I am looking for a password to get out of this. Any help appreciated thanks

  • AD
  • Thank you very much DP400 for your answer and the offer.
    I do not need the password. I think I will contact Daihen when I need something done. Just knowing what other functionallities are avilable with this controller can come in handy someday.
    Do yo have a manual regarding this developer mode?

  • I'll need for password, my email is *** removed by moderator ***
    tank you

  • I'm interesting in it *** removed by moderator ***
    Thank you

  • ı am a user and seller of otc daıhen robots but ı need developer password for auto-tcp can you send this password by *** removed by moderator *** already thanks for help

  • pass: 12345 specialist mod :grmpf:
    pass: 1234 user mod

    hai ... nice to meet you my name Hery ... May I have your password robot integrator otc Daihen earlier thanks friends ... friends ... this is my email address ... *** removed by moderator ***

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  • Hi guys, I have Integrator Password but I really want to see which function is available in developer level.Could anyone send me a developer password for my email *** removed by moderator *** Thank you

  • Hi, if passwords are openly printed in manufacture operation manuals , then post them by all means , however, there are higher level passwords that we would ask you not openly post please .All that is accomplished is manufacturers get testy and then introduce Dongles and even higher levels of security.
    In some cases it's already to late. :wallbash:

  • Hi, I'm looking for an Integrator password. Please send to *** removed by moderator ***

    Got stuck with accessing virtual safety fence settings.

    Many thanks!

  • Integrator password is specifically being used as per application by Nachi team, and it is one time setting only.

    Like in spot welding application; to set software limit for servo gun axis manually.

    Developer mode is for development department of Nachi.

    It will show what features they are updating or adding. You can't use that feature.

    In simple language, its beta version for Nachi.

  • Hello I'm fairly experienced but with new model nachi and various mototman, I'm currently working with a dinosaur though in the form of an AW nachi and the R314 seems to only enter me into maintenance mode or cancel the maintenance mode. Is there any other security levels or codes to use for this older model. For those that dont know after putting in R314 on an FD it then prompts you to ender a code for user, expert, specialist or integrator, on the AW it does not so I'm at a stand still on what to do. I'm trying to access some menus for automatic back up settings that don't seem to be there currently when they should be so I'm seeking a higher level of security to see if that's why I cant find the menus I need.

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